Origin has 4 million client installs, third-party offerings coming “very soon”

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EA has reiterated its plans to allow other publishers to distribute games on its new digital service, Origin.

Speaking during the UBS conference in London, EA CFO Eric Brown said that while the service was initially set up to deliver its own content, “very soon” EA will be “delivering third-party content” to Origin.

Brown said other companies will be attracted to Origin, due to service’s “backend infrastructure, the 130 million-plus registered users,” and its various digital payment methods.

“We’re fairly excited about Origin,” Brown said, per Gamasutra. “We have about 4 million installs of the client, we expect that number to climb substantially as we enter this … holiday season.”

The executive didn’t elaborate on just how “soon” third-party titles would arrive on the service, nor did Brown reveal which companies the firm was courting at the moment.


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