Enabling and Disabling a Network Adapter in Window XP

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There are a number of ways to Enable or Disable a Network Adapter in Windows, both via the User Interface (UI) and via the various Windows Programming Interfaces. For this short entry, I’ll stick to just using the UI. But as you’ll see, there are still a lot of ways…

The quickest method to Enable or Disable a Network Adapter in Windows, other than simply unplugging the cable, is via the Network Properties. Here’s a quick Screencast:

The easiest is by Right-Clicking the Network Connections Icon, and choosing Properties from the context menu.

You can then select and/or Right-Click the entry for the particular Network Adapter you want to change, then choose the action from the Context Menu. eg Enable or Disable.

You can also do this via Device Manager.

The advantage of using Device Manager is that once you know how to Device Manager, you can do more than simply Enabling or Disabling the Network Adapter. For example, enable things like Wake On LAN, etc.

But anyway, here are the equivalent Enabling and Disabling actions using Device Manager:

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