Facebook getting a hate button: TechCrunch

Objavljeno: april 4, 2012 od strane Ivan Drakic pod English

Has TechCrunch pulled off the ultimate April Fool’s day joke? We think so, but we’re hoping it’s not a prank. In a report, the tech website has said Facebook is planning to get the “Hate” button as well.

The TechCrunch story says,

According to Facebook’s S-1 filing, users are now generating 2.7 billion Likes and Comments per day. With the Hate button, Facebook expects to at least double that. The S-1 noted “popular Pages on Facebook include Lady Gaga, Disney, and Manchester United, each of which has move than 20 million Likes.” Many inside the company think the Hates could easily top that.

Why do we think it’s a joke? Well they also say,

The company has also experimented with the “Fax” button, as TechCrunch was also the first to notice.

Ah, that happened to be a prank that Facebook played on them two years back. More on that prank here.

According to TechCrunch the other buttons that could turn up “Meh”, “Love”, “Who Cares”, and “+11″.

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