Say goodbye to the Qwerty key pad with Gmail Tap

Objavljeno: april 4, 2012 od strane Ivan Drakic pod English
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As some of us make the painful switch from dumb phones, phones with a full Qwerty pad to a smartphone such an Android, we’ve been forced to adjust to typing on touchscreens.

Yes, Samsung has the Swpye option, where you don’t have to painfully tap on each letter to spell out each word, but that doesn’t mean life has become easier. In fact as smartphone users, we can vouch that typing on touchscreen sucks and is quite a tough job if you’re expected to be on email all the time. Also touchscreens mean you’re expected to keep your hands clean.

Well now Google has decide to solve this problem once and for all by introducing Gmail Tap. What can you do with Gmail Tap? Well, it’s an application that you can add to your Gmail and forget about the Qwerty keyboard. You don’t have to worry about hitting all the keys on your keyboard or your phone to type out a two line mail thanks to Tap. It’s all Morse Code now. Just a dot and a dash and you type out whatever you want to from asap to flibbertigibbet.

The cool thing about this technology: You can email from anywhere and do it super fast. The bad thing: You might have to learn Morse code. If you don’t believe us, check out the Google video


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