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Google priznao da vam čita mejlove?

Objavljeno: april 17, 2014 od strane Ivan Drakic pod Tehnologija, Vijesti, Zanimljivosi
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Google je osvežio uslove korišćenja Gmail-a kako bi njegovim korisnicima jasno stavio do znanja da pregleda sve poruke.



Say goodbye to the Qwerty key pad with Gmail Tap

Objavljeno: april 4, 2012 od strane Ivan Drakic pod English
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As some of us make the painful switch from dumb phones, phones with a full Qwerty pad to a smartphone such an Android, we’ve been forced to adjust to typing on touchscreens.


Cloud Computing SSO and IDM Tools: Buying Guide

Objavljeno: septembar 17, 2011 od strane Ivan Drakic pod Uncategorized

As enterprise applications sprawl beyond corporate perimeters and as SaaS, Web Services and cloud-based applications continue to gain traction, organizations are learning something the hard way: their access and enforcement mechanisms aren’t ready for this new reality in the way employees and end-users do business. (više…)